October 22, 2005

Home projects: PB 12″ Hard Drive replacement.

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Today I upgraded/replaced my ailing powerbook hard drive. Much simpler (and cheaper) than I thought it would be. Found this site which helped immensely: http://pbfixit.com/Guide/53.0.0.html. I picked up a 40GB, 16MB buffer, 5400rpm Toshiba hard drive at Fry’s, and it was a nice upgrade in speed. Not sure if it’s the new drive, the fresh Mac OS X install or that I was just used to a corrupted drive’s performance, but the powerbook is now quite zippy.

I opted to keep the size 40GB for two primary reasons: 1) cost & 2) lesson learned on need for laptop (and all system) backups. I’d rather have a smaller sized laptop HD to make backups easier and limit myself and my wife from accumulating too much data on the thing.


Hello world!

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